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Is it true that I can get RightCare Patches at no cost with my CGM prescription?

Yes. If you are a Freestyle Libre 2 or 3 user then RightCare Patches are included at no cost with every CGM prescription filled by our partners Advanced Diabetes Supply (ADS) and US MED, two of America’s Largest mail-order pharmacies specializing in Diabetes care. It’s easy and free to get started, and there is no catch. Simply follow these steps:

1. Schedule a time to speak with the physician that prescribes your CGM.

2. Ask them to send your prescription to ADS or US MED moving forward.

3. Sit back and relax! ADS or US MED will work directly with your doctor and insurance company to process your order and ship your CGM supplies and complimentary RightCare Patches right to your door.

For more information, contact ADS or US MED here:

ADS - Visit the ADS website or call them at 1-866-422-4866.

US MED - Visit the US MED website or call them at 1-877-840-8218

What is the RightCare Patch made of?

The patch consists of KT TAPE’s® exclusive synthetic performance fabric and acrylic-based, medical-grade adhesive. KT Tape Pro Extreme® is an extra-strength adhesive that is specially formulated to help with adhesion. All RightCare Patches are 100% hypoallergenic and are safe for sensitive skin.

What CGM systems are RightCare Patches compatible with?

We have patches that are custom fitted to be compatible with Freestyle Libre 2/3 and Dexcom G6/G7 sensors. Universal patches can be used on any of the CGM systems mentioned above as well as Medtronic Enlite, Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3, and all brands of insulin pump infusion sets.

How long does the patch last?

The RightCare Patch can easily last over 7 days when applied correctly. It is not recommended to use the same patch over 14 days. Application instructions can be found here.

Can you wear the patch underwater?

Yes, the RightCare Patch is made of moisture-wicking fabric that dries quickly and a strong adhesive that won’t lose adhesion underwater.

How can I make my patch last longer?

Follow the “before you apply” instructions for the best results. Remember to avoid using the patch for longer than 14 days.

Is the RightCare Patch FSA or HSA eligible?

Yes, you can purchase the patches with your FSA or HSA card on or

Are product samples available?

Yes, you can request a product sample here.

Where can I buy the RightCare Patch?

To purchase, please click here. You can also purchase on,,, or or

Is the patch safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. It is latex-free, hypoallergenic, and uses acrylic-based adhesive, which is gentle on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend ESENTA Adhesive Remover as a great latex-free, alcohol-free, and sting-free option for cleanly and efficiently removing the patch and residual adhesive. Using baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or warm water can also assist with the removal of the patch. Consult with your primary doctor if you are unsure about your skin’s reaction to this product.

Does insurance cover CGM adhesive patch purchases?

Some insurances may cover patches as Blood Glucose Monitor Supplies, but check with your insurance plan to be sure. You can use your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to purchase patches on or Amazon. RightCare Patches come at no cost with all Freestyle Libre 2/3 prescriptions filled by our partners Advanced Diabetes Supply and US MED (see more on this above).

What colors is the patch available in?

The patch is available in a color choice of tan, walnut, caramel, mocha, black, and multi-color.