4 Reasons To Use a RightCare CGM Patch

4 Reasons To Use a RightCare CGM Patch

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a piece of wearable equipment for diabetics that simplifies the process of monitoring blood glucose levels. When you wear the device, it continuously monitors your blood glucose levels to tell you when your body requires insulin and the amount you require. If you use one regularly, you may feel concerned when the sensor skirt starts to come up around the edges. Don’t worry; you can extend your CGM and the sensor’s service lifespan with a RightCare CGM Patch. Here are four great reasons why many are choosing a CGM patch these days and why you can too!


RightCare CGM Patches Secure Your Sensor

Perspiration from an intense workout or completing a swimming session are a couple of activities that may cause your CGM skirt to peel. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but this issue may interrupt your ability to accurately monitor your blood glucose levels. Fortunately, you do not need expensive supplies to solve the problem. A RightCare CGM patch adheres to the skin and allows for respiration and elasticity. Because RightCare CGM patches are also 100% latex-free and made with hypoallergenic synthetic fabric and adhesive, they are safe for sensitive skin. 

RightCare CGM Patches are Durable

RightCare CGM adhesive patches are designed with KT Tape PRO Extreme, the top-selling kinesiology tape on the market, to withstand all elements and seasons. When users apply them correctly, these patches will last the full lifespan of the sensor. You will feel safe while doing the things you love, including swimming, working out, surfing, and even daily activities such as showering.

Removing a RightCare CGM Patch is Easy

Removing a RightCare CGM patch is similar to removing a bandaid, just peel it off, they are designed for comfortable removal and do not leave any residue. If you have sensitive skin, apply baby oil to the patch during removal and slowly peel off.

RightCare CGM Patches come in a Wide Range of Styles and Colors

Do you prefer your CGM to blend in or stand out? You can easily find a RightCare patch that fits your preferences! All RightCare CGM patches come with a cutout compatible with the various sensor types or as a universal shape that works with all CGMs. Additionally, you may choose a neutral tone or multicolor patches if you would like some room for self-expression!

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